Friday, 28 February 2014

Frog Lunch

 It's a froggy Flashback Friday today! I fell in love with this little apple frog the first time I saw him. I can't remember where it was, but I think I've traced the source to here. Mine doesn't look anywhere near as impressive as the original, but it went down a treat just the same!

My apple frog sat on a bed of 2 minute noodles and had carrot feet, cherry tomato and sultana eyes held in place with raw spaghetti. Everything was hand carved.
This lunch came about because Miss M went to have a drink from our water tank and started freaking out. I thought she might have stood in some ants, but then I found the frog in the cup she was using. Ahh, welcome to life in Australia, my love! After her little melt down we played with the frog a little and then of course I had to try to incorporate it into a lunch. I'd seen this little guy and wanted to try it, so perfect excuse!
 I also had to make a frog sandwich to match. At this stage I didn't have my awesome CuteZCute cutters so had to make do with some imagination. I can't remember where the inspiration for this shape came, but I thought it was from Lulu's Lunchbox.
Miss M took her regular yoghurt but for her snack I added some strategically cut celery to some dip. Enhanced with some FooDoodlers :-)

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