Thursday, 27 February 2014

Fluttershy Fail Cake

Well, maybe not quite as tragic as all that, but it certainly didn't work out quite the way I had imagined.

Miss M had request a My Little Pony party this year, and the way her birthday fell she ended up with three mini parties. I shared her Rainbow Dash inspired rainbow Kindy Cakes yesterday and planned to share her Pinkie Pie party pics this week as well, but time has been against me. You'll just have to wait until next week :-) This is the cake she had on her actual birthday, shared with family.

 It all started well enough with a plain sponge cake iced with buttercream icing

I was happy with the image I'd traced although the yellow was a little dark.

Then I started to peel the edible image sheet off the backing - and it cracked. . . and cracked. . .and cracked!

Kind of glad this was a practice run. A panicked call to Kath's Kakes and she talked me through the process (which is the complete opposite of the instructions given on the supplier website by the way).

Thanks to Kath's guidance I was able to salvage most of the image . . .

. . .but my icing had crusted so it didn't stick

All things considered I'm glad I'd planned to pipe Fluttershy's mane & tail to cover the edges. Miss M was still super-happy with this cake *phew*!

Tune in next week for the final of our My Little Party Pony saga!

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