Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Little Pony Party - Rainbow Cakes

 So not entirely a Wordless Wednesday today, but pretty close to it. There's *lots* of pictures:-)

Miss M requested a My Little Pony party for her birthday this year. I use the term 'party' loosely. It was her & her two best friends :-)

Sending cakes to Kindy and Rainbow Dash was the inspiration. I'd been wanting to try this cake from Not Martha for ages so thought I'd give it a mini twist.

Divide mixture

Add lots of colour

Spoon out

I ran out of green
But had a little blue leftover so added some yellow & made do.

Then I ran out of yellow *sigh*

I only piped the red to ensure complete coverage on top


Yeah - should have piped all the colours so they'd be even
From the bottom
This one worked out OK

Rice paper to decorate. Just the stuff you'd use for spring rolls, cut with a circle scrapbooking cutter
FooDoodler images

Stuck to half a marshmallow. Dipped in water the colours ran

My production line
Dipping in hot water
Some stuck nicely

Others rand

I thought they tasted Ok, but Miss M said she didn't like them. The texture was a bit wrong for her. Fair point

Piped some white icing 'clouds'

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  1. ooo Love your ideas! Eliana has been asking for a MLP party this year.. Not sure I could do what you did tho! Your marshmallows are awesome! I'm not that skilled :P


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