Saturday, 1 March 2014

Loving Every Lunch Round Up and Link Party

Did you join in our hash-tag project on Instagram for February? Did you Love Every Lunch? If you did, please share it with us!

Here's my collection from the month (well, it might not actually be here yet - I'm doing this post up early so the Party can get started)
NB I will give you a summary of the lunches here - but for now, please forgive these weary bones as they catch some rest.

What a month for our little Honey! I was so surprised at how quickly she professed through the textures of solids, and it is so fun watching her learn the tastes, smells, and feel of all her food. We didn't really introduce very many colours this month (I do plan to 'eat a rainbow' each day with her as she gets up there) so there was very little in way of variety, making lunch choices quick & easy. Got to love that! I was going to re-tell you exactly what she ate each day, but that would late forever. If you'd like more information, you can check out the Instagram feed here, or ask & I'll let you know :-). In summary she had:
11 lunches of fruit and/or veges (potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, cauliflower, banana)
10 lunches of Farex (rice cereal)
5 lunches of yoghurt
1 lunch of leftovers and
1 lunch she slept through :-)

Wow, I knew I made a few of Miss M's new favourite pepperoni, cheese, red (tomato) sauce rectangle sandwiches, but when you see it like this - wow! For the month Miss M had:
15 x Pepperoni, Cheese and sauce sandwiches
10 x kindy lunches (sandwich, fruit, snack, yoghurt & popper juice)
1 x 'shopping' lunchbox (sandwich, roll up fruit leather, biscuits with cheese dip)
1 x watermelon for lunch
1 x party lunch (details in this post)

Now I know I have a weak spot for pizza, but I didn't think I had it that much. Guess I know where I need to cut down now. For the month I had:
8 x leftovers for lunch
5 x pizza
4 x pie
3 x toasties
2 x hot chook (BBQ/rotisserie chicken)
2 x ready made cheaty eats
1 x hot chips
1 x smoothie
1 x yoghurt
1 x sandwich

So here's the scoop! Follow the prompts in the Link widget below to add a link to your collection of #LovingEveryLunchforaMonth. Please only one link per luncher (lunchee?), but if you catalogued more than one person's lunch, please feel free to add another link. I will keep the party open for the month of March so you have plenty of time to round up your goodies and share the love!

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