Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hearts, Hooves and a Hop

 Love is in the air and the Bento Bloggers & Friends are hopping to celebrate!

There is simply too much love for one hop, so later on today there's going to be another! Check out the Bento Bloggers & Friends page for details.
My offering this year celebrates Hearts & Hooves Day. My little Miss M is all about the Ponies at the moment, so I couldn't let the opportunity pass to lunchify one of her favourite episodes.
 There's a fair few images out there of Big Mac & Cheerilee from this episode. I chose one vector taken from the show, and a fan art (of Fluttershy) to help me with this lunch.
Using this great technique I picked up from Robot Squirrel & the Monkeys I decorated some cheese with FooDoodlers. For Miss M's recent Fluttershy lunch I popped a piece of greaseproof paper on top of the sandwich so the details wouldn't stick to the lid. I used the opportunity to draw what she was supposed to look like. I did it again today, only this time I recycled the piece used to impart the image to start with. I just added a few hearts and a 'Schmoopsey Poo!'

Hand Drawn (can you see why I trace?) Hearts & Hooves title on cheese with crust offcuts below. 
 I had to include an apple for today's fruit. It didn't' really work, but I did try to FooDoodler a green apple cutie mark like Big Mac's on there. It would have worked much better had I cut the skin off, but Miss M doesn't like any of the anti-browning methods I've tried so far.
Snack today is Pepperoni from Walkerston Country Meats and cheese. Cut with Create A Shape and decorated with FooDoodlers to resemble Cheerilee's cutie mark.
All snug in their little container. 
Last but not least I wrapped her popper/juice box in a print out (my printer needs new ink) and wrote a little note for her.

Also included with lunch today - a Sinchies of yoghurt and some My Little Pony biscuits for a treat.

Now for the fun part! Send some Love to fellow Aussie BeBento Kids by clicking on the button below. Keep hopping until you return here. Then head over to Bento Bloggers & Friends later today for another *Love*ly hop.

Have you been #LovingEveryLunchforaMonth ? Details on how to share the love are in this previous post. Don't forget to tag your creations, and come link them up at the end of the month. I'd love to 'see' you there!

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  1. Love your cheese art!

  2. Great job on the cheese art! What a sweet lunch for your little Pony fan!

  3. Oh, my kids are going to LOVE this one!! Great job!

  4. love the cheese art, what a cool idea

  5. Love the ponies. I find it difficult to draw on cheese. Gonna need to learn your trick.

  6. So so cute! Love the schmoopy ponies :)

  7. Love you attention to details, and the little notes too! So sweet....


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