Monday, 24 February 2014

Frozen Elsa Lunch

Have you seen Frozen yet? I took Miss M to see it at the cinema with one of her besties and the two of them have been playing 'Elsa' ever since. What better to do with left over spaghetti from dinner than to make some hair for lunch?
This is the complete lunch that she ended up with.
Sandwich take 1. I plaited the 'hair' while it was still warm. Shaping it roughly like this image and letting it cool.
I used Robot Squirrel & the Monkey's cheese are method for the face. I didn't even bother printing out this time, I just did it straight of the computer screen, remembering to flip it horizontally first
Adding some ham cut outs, a food pick, and 'Elsa' in FooDoodler on some crusts to 'complete the look' ;-)

Did you like how I managed to include blue accessories? The universe does love me! *sigh*
Snacks were pepperoni with cookie cutter cheese, some pretzel sticks and apple slices. Also included was her Sinchies yoghurt food pouch.
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  1. This is absolutely fantastic!! Amazing job!

    1. Thank you Jenn, I can only dream of creating cheese art like yours :-)

  2. Wow!! Nice drawing & love Elsa's hair ^_^


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