Sunday, 12 August 2018

Monster High Party

Honey decided she wanted to celebrate her 5th birthday Monster High style! Originally I was happy and excited to be able to go to my local department store and just buy one of everything in the party section for the Monster High brand, but turns out they're not as popular as they once were and most of the goodies were discontinued and no longer available :(. So I hit up google and pinterest to find all sorts of lovelies and got to work customising them to make her day that little extra special.

We made photo booth masks from here and here

We played pin the bow on the skull based on this image

And I made food tents from the fan art from here and cupcake wrappers from here

Activity wise we had nail art (of course featuring my favourite Jamberry lacquers

A colouring station

A tatto station

And a card making station

The cake was the same mix as the patty cakes/zombie cakes, which also made an appearance at Kindy this past week. My first ever attempt at a marble and now I know I need to marble more ;-)

 Happy 5th birthday my little Honey Bee!!!


Tuesday, 15 May 2018

NAPLAN encouragement

A little punny encouragement for Miss M today as she heads to NAPLAN 

Friday, 26 January 2018

Slow Cooker Brown Sugar ANZAC Pavlova

**EEK!!** This post was supposed to go up 3 years ago!!

Happy Australia Day! I had planned on making a special Australia Day Bento to celebrate, but decided to save that for Miss M's first day at Prep tomorrow. It's hard to believe she'll be out 5 days a week. Before we know it she'll have graduated with Honey not far behind. I'm not sure whether to cry or do a little dance, so instead, let's talk PAV!

I had the brilliant idea to combine ANZAC dough with pavlova. Then wondered if it would be possible to make it in the slow cooker (our Kambrook Quattro Multi-Cooker). According to Google I'm not the only one to have thought slow cooking a pavlova is a good idea. Most recipes I found seemed to be your good old basic egg whites, sugar, stabiliser deal, then cooked in a lined slow cooker with a tea towel under the lid for a few hours. Happy days, off we go! Only to discover I had run out of castor sugar! *Argh!!*

Thank you Chocolate Suze for this easy recipe! I think I may have under whipped the mixture, but was worried about over whipping it. It's been so long since I've made a meringue! I then folded through some ANZAC dough before pouring into the lined slow cooker and topping with a little more ANZAC mix. Now I can't tell you exactly how long I had this mix in for as some very helpful little fingers managed to flick the settings over to Rice Cooker mode. Mild panic attack on my part when I saw the 'keep warm' light on as I had visions of black smoke rising as the lid was lifted off the appliance. Thankfully this wan't the case. And imagining what might have happened if the controller had been switched to Steam or Sauté function has prompted a minor kitchen rearrange for future Slow Cooking adventures.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Lots of My Little Pony Lunches

Wow! And I didn't even take photos of most of them!! Here are some of the lunches that were made in a My Little Pony phase. I think these were all from when Miss M was in kindergarten! She's now going in to grade 3! How crazy is that?!?!?

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