Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Muffin Lasagnes

 Do you batch cook? Some days I do, other days I don't. To be honest I've never quite mastered the art of freezing. Everything seems to go soggy on me. Except these little babies! Single serve lasagnes aren't a new concept, and to be honest I can't even remember where I heard about them first.
These were made with wonton wrappers but I've also done them with gow gee wrappers, so whatever you have on hand. I start with a spoonful of white sauce in the base before smooshing in the first wrapper.

 Layer on some of your mince mix. . . 
. . .then simply lather, rinse, repeat! When you have filled your muffins, top with some grated cheese. We like mozzarella, but again, whatever tickles your fancy :-)

 You can freeze these here, and if I were making a family size lasagne that's exactly what I'd do. But being as these were made for daycare with microwave, not oven facilities, they were baked at 180 degrees C until golden - about half an hour.
Try to have your mince mix on the dry side, otherwise you end up with quite a bit of excess liquid oozing out of your muffins and no one wants that. I normally add a few extra veges to ours as well, great way to sneak in a few while no one's looking.

It would seem that I have never taken a photo of one of these in a lunchbox - I would usually send them in a large Take & Toss container. You can of course eat these cold, but I prefer hot.

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