Monday, 4 March 2013

St Patrick's Day - Part One

Last year, each day in the week leading up to St Patrick's Day, Miss M had special lunch. I won't be celebrating St Patrick's Day with quite so much enthusiasm this year, as it falls on a Sunday, so here's a the start of my flash back to last year.

Each day for her sandwich, Miss M had a ham & cheese clover, topped with a clover cut out from a spinach tortilla.

Most of the offcuts from the tortilla ended up in my lunch (or stomach at the time), however I did save some to make these little cheerio leprechauns.

The beards/bases are cut like an octo-dog, their faces are small sliver of the skin removed & then decorated with FooDoodlers, available from affiliate Neat2Eat. The detail on their hats is poorly applied Vegemite and some writing icing.

I will be posting some more St Patrick's lunches during the week, so stay tuned. If you've come along late, the short cuts for the posts will be:
here - Part Two

Looking for more great inspiration? I've linked this post here.
St Patricks Day Theme Food - Fun Bento Lunch


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