Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pi Day

One thing I have always had a sneaking suspicion  of is that there is a 'Day' for every day of the year. I found out that there is an International No House Work Day recently. . . I will have to remember to write that one on the calendar. 

Another recent discovery is 'Pi Day' celebrating maths on the 14th of March (3/14 in America). So, who needs an excuse to eat 'Pi'?

These simple pies are made by blind baking the shortcrust pastry - I cheat & buy the frozen stuff. . . 

. . . then fill with some left over Spaghetti Bolognese mince

 Then I piped some creamy mash (also leftovers) on top.

I must admit I used my Kambrook Speed Serve with the mash - it's so quick & super creamy!

Bake until warm & browned.

You can check out my other favourite pie (tuna dish) in this previous post


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