Sunday, 12 July 2015

Twin Cats Lunch

 I mentioned yesterday that the girls both went to daycare last week which was wonderful! I still picked them up at their normal time but gee what a difference it made only having the one pick up stop! I'd managed to make some cheat chicken pies the first day they were so that's what Honey had of her sandwich alternative today. She also had strawberries, wafer biscuits, cat sandwich, yogurt, biscuits and dip and some juice in her Juice in the Box.
After Miss M didn't ask for her noodles to be cooked yesterday I thought I'd make them ahead of time like I used to do so they only needed to be reheated at daycare. She also asked for a lamington since she didn't get one the day before and passionfruit on her yoghurt. She also has bikkies & dip and juice in her Juice in the Box. They had juice today because I used it to treat Miss M's apple which she's started to ask for being peeled & chopped. Simple enough to do and dipping it in the juice of her Juice in the Box means that nothing is wasted!

Have you entered our Juice in the Box GIVEAWAY in this previous post?!  One week left!!
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