Friday, 10 July 2015

Curious George Lunch Version Two

 Did you see Miss M's Curious George lunch in this previous post? This is what Honey took to daycare that day.

Her George certainly does look 'Curious', don't you think? o.O
Ham, cheese & nori sitting atop her sandwich.

She also had a banana (a must for every young monkey!), a yoghurt pouch, lamington, cherry tomatoes and milk in her Juice in the Box.
 This was in her first week of daycare and she was all over the shop with her eating. Most of her lunch came home but she was ravenous and proceeded to eat the vast majority of it for afternoon tea.
I suspected she was getting ill when she didn't finish her lamington though! I was suitably impressed by the lack of leaks from her Juice in the Box.

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