Friday, 31 July 2015

June on Instagram

Better late than never right?!? Here's what you may have missed from my Instagram feed during June. . .

Loving a great alternative… why swirl cream in your pumpkin soup when there's @hogsbreathcafe Hickory Sauce in the world?!?!? Made in our @kambrookau #soupsimple #hogsbreath Loving another @lunchbox_love inspired @nudefoodmovers for Miss M… Loving the jokes on our @lunchbox_love notes … easy inspiration to fill our @nudefoodmovers and Miss M thinks they are the best! Loving our #MagicSchoolBus inspired solar system lunch for tomorrow… my inner planets are backwards but those darn rice crackers wouldn't fit in the other section ☺️ #bentoproblems @sinchies #schoollunch #funfood #funwithfood Loving a quickie #MrPing in our @easylunchboxes for tomorrow… MissM wants this *plus* a serve of noodles! We were blessed with a good eater with that one 😉 #schoollunch #cheesart #easylunchboxes Loving a stair picnic for afternoon tea with our @boardwalkimports #JuiceInTheBox … making water fun! What are you doing this Queens Birthday weekend? Loving a little inspiration for tomorrow's #schoollunch … can you guess? With our @boardwalkimports #JuiceInTheBox #JIB Loving tomorrow's Queen's Birthday inspired lunch… cucumber, biscuits, crown sandwich, grapes, kiwi fruit crowns, cheese and tea in our @boardwalkimports #JuiceInTheBox Cute food picks from @daisoaustraliaofficial Lunchbox from @little_bento Loving marching lunches for the girls tomorrow… Miss M is off on a school excursion around town. Can you guess where they will be going? Honey has a snack lunchbox too 😃 Loving an easy #Shifu for tomorrow's @easylunchboxes … brain break is some milk in our new #JuiceInTheBox thanks to @boardwalkimports Miss M has loved this container so much that she's asking for it every day! #JIB #easylunchboxes #KungFuPanda Loving an easy @easylunchboxes for the last lunch of the week… biscuits, mandarin and grape, #lunchpunch sandwich with @sinchies yoghurt pouch in a @nudefoodmovers drink bottle sleeve and our @boardwalkimports #JuiceInTheBox filled with pineapple juice to Loving this vehicular display lunch for tomorrow's Tickled Pink markets… do pop down & say Hi! I will be in the second section just beyond the long table 😃 Loving being set up and ready to go at the Tickled Pink markets in Emerald… do pop by and say hello! 😃❄️☁️☀️ Loving an Easy @easylunchboxes to start our week… a little #KungFuPanda inspired #Fung #cheesart with bikkies & dip, grapes with crocodile picks, @sinchies yoghurt and juice in our @boardwalkimports #JuiceInTheBox 😃 #schoollunch #funfood #funwithfo Loving Honey's very first daycare lunch… #Gruffalo inspired favourite food 😊. I'm not sure who's more excited about her starting - her or me! We have Roasted Fox (ham & cheese), mouse on bread (cheesart), Gruffalo crumble (apple crumble), nuts (not
Loving tomorrow's Curious George inspired lunches… and now I know how to make an Afro-do lunch for the next disco night 😳😊! In @nudefoodmovers and Tupperware
Loving the leftovers picnic… and that our @boardwalkimports #JuiceInTheBox doesn't leak all over the table! Honey didn't eat much at daycare today. Fingers crossed she will settle better tomorrow 🙏😊 Loving how this Egg Mould #repurpose worked out… I love multi-tasking #bento tools 😍 Loving Honey's @nudefoodmovers lunch for tomorrow… belated happy birthday Thomas the Tank Engine! You're looking good for 70 😉! Yoghurt, mandarin, spaghetti bol, moulded egg, popcorn, sandwich and milk in our @boardwalkimports #JuiceInTheBox   #schoo Loving Miss Ms matching Thomas the Tank lunch for tomorrow… 'I Choo-choose you! ❤️' 🚂. Sandwich, popcorn, yoghurt, grapes and milk in our @boardwalkimports #JuiceInTheBox #schoollunch #JIB #funfood #funwithfood Loving how my single serve apple crumble so quickly became a calorie overload this evening… 😳 #dietstartstomorrow Loving this quick throw together lunch for Miss M today… despite being under the weather she insisted on going to school. I'm not sure how much of that has to do with show & share day, library day, sports day, or music day but she wasn't going to miss out Loving the chill in the air this evening! Pop down to Stalls 4 Paws and ask how warm my 2 minute noodles are in my @little_bento thermos! Loving a little help in the kitchen today… what are we making for my return to work lunch? Loving my lunch for tomorrow… makes me look forward to returning to work 😊. Chicken Caesar salad in my Kinoko box, which I won from @bentoandco last year ❤️🍄 Loving tomorrows lunches for the girls… and that I found a lunchbox to fit our #JuiceInTheBox !!! 😄 our @smashenterprises giant luncher for Miss M and her growth spurt 😉 @boardwalkimports #JIB #schoollunch #iloveNFM #iloveSMASH @nudefoodmovers Loving tomorrow's lunches… #Minion inspired for the girls and treat day for me 😉. honey and I both have pies, Miss M has sandwich and dinner roll. Popcorn for the girls with fruit and a Minion jelly each. Milk in their @boardwalkimports #JuiceInTheBo Loving discovering not only did I forget to take proper photos of Friday's lunches I also forgot to share them here! I was unwell Thursday night so these were thrown together Friday morning before running in & out all day for last day of school commitment Loving some help in the kitchen making @mattscravat 's citrus cordial… #kidsinthekitchen #kitchenfun #lifewithkids #holidayfun Loving @mattscravat … gorgeous citrus cordial 😍❤️😍🍋 Loving a simple lunch for Miss M tomorrow… can you guess which holiday program she's signed up to? #funfood #juiceinthebox #JIB #iloveSMASH #iloveNFM @nudefoodmovers @boardwalkimports Loving some help in the kitchen tonight to make the fruit salad Miss M asked for in her lunchbox … and our 3-way egg slicer got a #repurpose too! #funfood #funwithfood #kidsinthekitchen Loving today's lunches… still on the #soccer theme for Miss M and Honey is all about the #TeddyBear thanks to our @cutezcute original cutter. Mine leftover spaghetti marinara - thanks Mr Loving!  The citrus cordial Miss M & I made over the weekend is in H
Wow we were busy! No wonder I got distracted and forgot this post!

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