Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Mummy Caesar Salad

 I was lucky enough to win this lunchbox last year from Bento & Co and while I thought of using it for Miss M it was just far too tempting to save it just for me. I'm glad I did, since returning to work it's been a highlight to see that cute little mushroom in the staff fridge ;-)
It wasn't a hard choice, deciding what to pack for my first meal back at work. Chicken Caesar Salad. One of my all time favourites. The lower level is filled with lettuce, a sprinkle of parmesan and some freshly cracked black pepper. The mini container holds the dressing. The top layer holds some croutons, crumbed chicken, and a poached egg, again sprinkled with a little pepper. I used baran and food picks too! I wasn't going to miss out on the fun!

I didn't include the gel-ice pack that comes with the box in the photo because, quite frankly I forgot that I'd put it in the freezer already ;-)

I'm happy to report that this lunchbox is now available at affiliate Little Bento World, here in Australia.

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