Monday, 6 July 2015

School Excursion Lunch

This was our first major test run of our new Juice in the Box and I was rather excited to see how the Ice on the Box would work, especially here in central Queensland. I must say I was impressed! Although it was a milk winters day (it only reached 26c o.O) the milk which was fridge cold when we left home at 8am was still cold enough to drink safely at midday when we got home. It was suited in the Ice on the Box and stayed with the pram and Honey for Miss M's excursion. Can you guess where we went?

Miss M had an EasyLunchbox marking all the stops on her walking tour of the town centre. The Library, Police Station, and Ambulance Station.

Cheese sandwich 'books'
Fruit 'stop lights'
Vegemite sandwich 'Ambulance'

And of course she had her Juice in the Box  I also packed a yoghurt pouch for her brain break.

Honey's nibble tray consisted of breakfast biscuits, fruit, and a butter sandwich. Yes, she loves a butter sandwich! As well as her Juice in the Box.

Have you entered to WIN a Juice in the Box starter bundle yet? You can read all about it in this previous post!

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