Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Soccer School Round Up

How are your school holidays going? Miss M went to 'Soccer School' last week while I worked and she thoroughly enjoyed it! I loved the opportunity to try out Juice in the Box in an un-refrigerated environment and put the Ice on the Box through its paces.

The first day I froze Miss M's Juice in the Box as well as her yoghurt pouch before putting her whole lunch in a cooler bag. She told me they were both still frozen at lunchtime!
Day two and we opted for black currant and cranberry juice for something different and some sandwich balls along with a large serve of fruit salad.
 These would have to be the worst soccer-sandwich-balls I've ever seen! At least Miss M knew what they were supposed to be o.O
I was chuffed to find some sports print fruit leathers but that afternoon Miss M told be she didn't like them. *sigh*
 Crunchy snacks to go with the yoghurt pouch and fruit salad today. And back to our favourite fruit juice in her Juice in the Box.
 Simple FooDoodler drawing on her sandwich too.
 There was only a small serve of fruit salad left but this time of the week so I ended up sending some pepperoni decorated with FooDoodlers along with rice crackers as a second snack. Again her favourite juice in her Juice in the Box.
Miss M and her coach were very proud of her efforts in executing a Ronaldo Chop so I decided that would be the theme for her last Soccer School lunch even though I had no idea how to make that happen. Until I remembered the Samurai swords I received in a Bento Bloggers & Friends car package! And a funny idea came to mind. And this is why I normally use the cheat cheese art method - my free hand drawing is certainly an area I can improve on!

With a frozen yoghurt pouch and a frozen Ice on the Box in a cooler bag Miss M reported her lunch was the perfect temperature in our mild winter weather (up to 27 C)

Would you like to WIN a Juice in the Box kit including not only the Juice in the Box  but also the Ice on the Box and a replacement parts kit? You can! All the details are in this previous post!

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.


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