Saturday, 11 July 2015

Double Dino Day

Last week Miss M went to daycare with Honey while I worked. It was strange seeing her back in that environment and seeing the children that were in her class all grown up now. Apart from thoroughly enjoying a single pick up location I also really enjoyed making them complementary lunches for the three days.

Day one was Dinosaur Day!

When I told Miss M that she could have something warmed up for lunch again as they daycare had access to a microwave I was fully prepared for requests of cheerios, pizza and leftovers. I didn't even think of her favourite two-minute-noodles! She actually didn't end up eating them because I'd forgotten to ask the teachers at drop off and she didn't ask for them to be cooked for her :-(

She did eat them as soon as we got home though! The rest of her lunch of fruit salad, sandwich, dinosaur biscuits and Sinchies yoghurt pouch (under the sandwich) was demolished along with her Juice in the Box of milk.

 Hone had leftover spaghetti bolognaise with dinosaur and spiral pasta, sandwich, lamington, muesli bites, yoghurt and mandarine to go with her Juice in the Box of milk.
 Honey also won the coin toss to get the one dinosaur food pick we own :-)
Close up of the pasta :-)

Don't forget our Juice in the Box GIVEAWAY in this previous post!  One week left!!
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