Friday, 1 May 2015

Twisted Pumpkin Soup Maker Soup

Did you love the first taste of Winter we had last week? I thought it was *wonderful*!! I evened the first soup of the season. Truth be told we'd come home from morning errands to a house smelling like Chicken korma thanks to our Kambrook Quattro Mulit Cooker so I started craving something with a little spice. There was also the large pumpkin taking up room in my fridge and just begging to be consumed. Add in the cans of coconut cream that seem to have multiplied in the pantry and my craving looked like it would be satisfied!

The very (*cough*) precise (*cough*) recipe is:
Roughly chop half a pumpkin and add it to your Soup Maker
Add 1 can of coconut cream (350 g - give or take)
Add 1 Tbsp red curry paste
Add 1TBp butter
Add 1 cup chicken stock
Select 'smooth' option
Come back in 21 minutes to this gorgeous, velvety soup with a twist! I prefer my soup with fresh salt added at serving and while I would normally jump at the chance to enjoy some read crust croutons, this was delicious on it's own!

I was a little surprised that Honey (now 20 months) really enjoyed this. I didn't think she liked spice! It just goes to show you never know and to keep offering taste experiences to the little ones. I'm a little excited that I might be able to send soup for her lunch when daycare starts, something Miss M was never into - yay!

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.


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