Monday, 11 May 2015

Saturday Night Fever Bento

 I'm not sure who was more excited about Miss M's first school Disco - her or me! And it was a Retro theme to boot! I immediately had images of John Travolta doing his Saturday Night Fever thang and I knew what I wanted to make for lunch!
 It started off with a quick scour of the internet to find a suitable silhouette and a coloured disco floor. Some quick photo editing and I had my template for a nori cutting.
Then I hit that baby with a good dose of FooDoodler whilst not really trying to get 'You Should be Dancing' out of my head.
Pop the cheese/nori art on top of a sandwich and that's the main part of lunch done.
 For brain break I thought I'd try to make a disco floor out of popcorn. My FunBites Cube It made a great mould.
 I filled each section with some coloured popcorn.
 And removed the guide. It didn't really work *quite* the way I'd hope but I'm still rather happy with it.
 I did decide to top it up and really fill the container with what I could to satisfy my big eater.
 It doesn't look too Disco-y from this angle. . .
 . . . but turn it a little and you can see more of the colours.
 I love that you can see the colours through this lunchbox!
 My next challenge was to create a microphone. I found some mini ice cream cones in the back of the pantry (sadly they aren't available any more) and filled with some tiny carrot sticks.
 I made a dip-ball (cream cheese mixed with Miss M's favourite dip) and rolled it in black sesame and poppy seeds.
I think it worked fabulously! I did assemble this the morning of so the cone wouldn't get soggy by lunchtime.
 I also rolled the honeydew and dragon fruit balls in edible glitter the morning of as my test batch of Mirror Ball Fruit macerated overnight. o.O
Miss M thoroughly enjoyed her lunch and her Disco. . . and so did I! I hope you enjoy it to!

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.


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