Friday, 22 May 2015

Rock Star Lunch

 Last week I shared the lunch I made for Miss M's first Disco of the year, and before it gets away on me I'm going to share the one that represented the Term Two Disco. 'What You'd Like to be When You Grow Up'. Apparently Miss M no longer wishes to be an Astronaut, opting instead for the lures of Rock-Star-dom. I wonder what she will want to be next week :-)
 Every star needs their glasses and a little bling so a food pick and some writing icing were the perfect touches for this star Vegemite sandwich. If you squint you can see the Sinchies food pouch under the sandwich saver of our Nude Food Movers Rubbish Free Lunchbox. The stickers were part of a set I picked up at back to school time. I love the idea of them, but would prefer a card or something reusable. These are definitely a one-use item.
Her double snack pod holds some *rock*melon (did you see what I did there?) cut into star shapes with some more fun food picks. I also left the fork attached to the top of the pod in case she preferred that to the picks.

Her juice box had a few stars quickly drawn on as well.

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.


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