Monday, 7 April 2014

Pizza Cup-Fakes

I didn't quite get around to posting this pictorial how to last week. These yummy cup-fakes featured in my April Fools Day Muffin Tin Meal.

You can find the inspiration for them here.

I haven't made much dough with Miss M - neither of us really have the patience. That and I tend to forget to go back & check on it. This day Miss M & I made pizza dough & Mr Loving made some steamed dumpling dough. . . can you guess what happened?

This was out pizza dough, ready for its first rise

'Wow!' I thought 'I don't ever remember it rising that much before'. 

Miss M does some chopping. . .

. . . and pounding. I think she enjoyed it :-)

This was after the second rise. . . did you notice anything?

'Gee, it seems rather soft' she thinks as she stretches it out on the pizza tray

For the cup-fakes I layered in some dough. . .

. . . pizza sauce (just out of a jar). . 

. . . grated cheese. . .

. . .pepperoni.. . 

. . . BBQ sauce. . . 

. . . shredded ham. . .

. . . more pizza sauce. . .

. . . more cheese. . .

. . . and smoosehd it down so the sides would rise over the fillings.

Oops - almost forgot to take a photo. 

Sauce, cheese, ham, capsicum, spinach leaves, pepperoni toppings

Ding, timer's done on hubby's dough. . . 'Did you change bowls?' he asks. 'No. . . ' I reply '. . . why?'
So this is what the pizza dough looks like after rising

And this is what steam dumpling dough looks like after it's been made into pizza

It was really yummy and I think our pizza dough recipe may need a few shake ups

And added bonus, the cup-fakes had an extra bit of lift which worked perfectly!

I ended up making some spinach & pumpkin cupcakes with our original dough mixture.

But I think these made with the dumpling dough look yummier.

In case you were wondering, this is what the steamed dumplings looked like raw. . .

. . .ready to go. . .

. . . steaming in our Kambrook Quatro Multi cooker. . . 

. . . and done. Sort of like a sweet damper. Definitely going on the make again list, but perhaps not on the same day as pizza dough :-)

This would be a great activity for school holidays! Do you have anything special planned?

Have you entered our competition to win a Kambrook Quatro Multi Cooker yet? 
Just in time for Mother's Day. . . I'm just saying. . . 
Details in this previous post

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