Monday, 14 April 2014

Easter My Little Pony Lunch

How are your school holidays going? We have been flat out here, so I'll be brief in describing the lunch Miss M took for her last day at Kindy before the break.

I asked Miss M what she would like for her sandwich suggesting she might like something for Easter. Of course she asked for My Little Pony - 'When Granny Smith & Apple Bloom are singing to the water'. Thankfully I had also seen the episode Family Appreciation Day so I knew what she was talking about :-)
I grabbed a screenshot from the episode and with some FooDoodlers and greaseproof paper made a decorative cheese to top her sandwich, which was de-crusted with our pocket sandwich cutter.

Below I included two mini plastic eggs, just the right size to hold a strawberry each.

I did give her a little chocolate treat on top of her yoghurt for the day, although I really could have made this with frozen yoghurt.

Fruit for today was a mandarin that I tried to draw on to turn into an Easter Egg.  Didn't really work so I found some stickers instead. I used a plastic Easter Egg to help hold it upright.

Also included are some grapes with a few bunnies.

Overall a cute little lunch, even if I do say so myself.

Hope you are enjoying your break!
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  1. You created a very nice Easter-themed lunch. That was a good idea to use stickers on the mandarin!


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