Wednesday, 9 April 2014

March on Instagram

Wordless Wednesday is brought to you by my missed Flashback Friday post from last week.
So here's what's been happening in the world of Instagram. . .

Loving a belated happy birthday lunch for #drseuss…Loving mail… thank you @kambrookau for my new toy! Last minute menu change for tonight so I could try I out!Loving experimenting with my new @kambrookau multi cooker… guess what's for dinner tonight?Loving that Instagram died on me last night :( Fully revived now, so here's last night's experiment. Lovely steamed veg in the @kambrookau Quattro cooker  I think I'm in love! ❤❤❤Loving #fishonfriday for lent… experimenting with my @kambrookau Quattro cooker tonight. Loving sauté slow and steam for this dish. Any guesses?Lovin forgetting to show off finished product from Wednesday night… Mexican chicken rice experiment in my new @kambrookau Quattro cooker. I think I'm in loveLoving @funbites #surprisesandwiches for afternoon tea… in no particular order there is: butter, fairy bread, peanut butter, vegemite, Nutella, passionfruit butter, strawberry jam, apricot jam, pizza sauce, cheese spread, condensed milk, cashew/hazelnut sLoving a belated post from this morning's @kambrookau Quattro cooker experiment.… steamed soft 'poached' eggs. Don't let the colour fool you, they were perfectly gooey inside :)Loving tonight's experiment in our @kambrookau Quattro… any guesses?Loving today's experiment in our @kambrookau Quattro cooker… #fishonfriday #pidayLoving surprise mail with @wendolonia 's new book… now if only someone would have their afternoon nap already *sigh*Loving toddler art on our @jamieoliver paint your own apron from @woolworths… #jamiesfoodrevolution #kidsinthekitchenLoving discovering I've used the dough hubby was proving for steam buns for our pizza lunch … oops! Still tasted good :)Loving experimenting with Sunday eggs… @kambrookau Quattro cooker and @bentousa egg mouldsLoving success!… @kambrookau Quattro cooker and @bentousa egg moulds. Whites worked beautifully. Not convinced with the baby scrambled eggs but I think that's more the recipe need tweakingLoving perfectly steamed veges with my @kambrookau Quattro cooker… served with cheats pie. What's for dinner at yours?Loving #bento mail… picked up some bargains from @discountpartysupplies :)Loving the accidental rainbow in Honey's 'sushi salad' today… with @kambrookau Quattro multi cookerLoving tonight's #fishonfriday. Super quick tuna risotto in our @kambrookau Quattro multi cooker. Yum!!!Loving Friday night treats… @kambrookau Quattro multi cooker rice pudding.Loving misjudging how much food is needed for a special dish…recipe coming on the blog tomorrow along with a #giveaway! Can you guess which @kambrookau appliance I used?Loving success… recipe for the @kambrookau Quattro cooker live on the blog tomorrow (with a #giveaway )

Have you entered our competition to win a Kambrook Quatro Multi Cooker yet? 
Just in time for Mother's Day. . . I'm just saying. . . 
Details in this previous post

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. This post was written for Loving Lunches. No product was received for this post. All opinions expressed are my own, based on personal experience with the product.

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