Monday, 21 April 2014

Home Made Easter Eggs

Did the Bunny find you yesterday? He sure found us! And what he brought was on top of these home made Easter Eggs Miss M & I made the other day. Some were for gifts, some were for us, and some were for sampling :-)

I melted some white chocolate in shot glasses in a shallow fry pan of warm water before adding some powdered food colouring (not the liquid stuff in this photo, lesson learned last time), dug around my cupboard to find some appropriate moulds and whatever else might come in handy. Sprinkles, lollies, paintbrushes.

I love Miss M's bunny. Can you guess which was hers?

I'm also quite fond of these 'every colour' eggs. Filled with peanut butter.

Miss M decided that these moulds would be much better than the nice little bite sized ones I was encouraging her to paint. We didn't have that much chocolate and I wasn't going to fill the large ones with peanut butter, although I was tempted to bring out a tin of Top & Fill Caramel. . .

The marshmallow & coconut worked well in the smaller bunnies. We used that mix and also added raspberries and nuts tot eh large egg for a semi-rocky-road. These were our last moulds for the day so any leftovers from the bottom of the colour pots were used up here. Can you tell?

These little bunnies were filled with peanut butter while the chicks were filled with caramel topping and granulated peanuts.

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays as much as we did :-)

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