Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Poppy Biscuits

I've never been much of a cookie-cooker if that makes sense. Slices, yes. Truffles, OK. Cakes, absolutely. But biscuits & cookies I've just never seemed to be able to crack it. That being said, I think these ones turned out OK
I wanted to make something for Remembrance Day that included rosemary and poppy seeds, which led me to thinking about savoury baking, which in turn led me to Google (most of my recipe books haven't made it out of storage yet)

I found this recipe which I followed pretty much with the exception of using fresh rosemary and cookie cutters.
I also sprinkled some poppy seeds in the centre of my biscuits before I baked them.

These are an OK biscuit but I must admit I'd like something tomato-y to spread on them, like a nice pizza sauce. It could be because these were being cooked in the same session as Miss M's poppy-pizza scrolls, or just that they reminded me of garlic-bread pizza. I thought the Butterfly from the Lunch Punch critters pack looked like this Pinspiration, but seeing the finished product I'm thinking maybe not.
Do you have a favourite biscuit/cookie recipe? Would you mind sharing?

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