Friday, 8 November 2013

Mummy Lunch Flash Backs

Seeing as we've been at Orientation for Kindergarten this week, I thought I'd dig out all my un-posted Mummy Lunches to share.
Leftover Corned beef with veg & white sauce
Cheat's garlic bread, leftover frozen pizza, grapes and ANZAC slice
Flavoured milk, ingredients for a mexican wrap (cheese, salsa, sour cream, mexican mince, carrot, lettuce) and grapes. Not pictured the tortilla used to make the wrap at lunchtime.
Leftover roast with potato and gravy. I believe I actually made this into a sandwich in the lunchroom, but I can't remember now :-/ 
Cheat garlic bread, leftover pasta and sausages, tomato sauce and cutlery
Muffin size cottage pies topped with tomato sauce, mandarin segments an some rose cupcakes

Chocolate cake, tomato sauce and a Bushman's Bazaman Pie. (Seriously the *best* meat pie I've ever tasted!)

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.

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