Monday, 4 November 2013

Bite Size Chicken Puffs

I saw these (or something very similar) a few years ago on one of those morning news shows and have wanted to try them ever since. I think the Melbourne Cup is the perfect opportunity!
Start with circles of puff pastry. I used a 5cm cookie cutter for these.

Bake until puffed & golden, about 15 minutes at 180 degrees, depending on your oven. See that line in the middle?
Cut the circles in half with a butter knife.

Mix up your fillings. I used BBQ/rotisserie chicken, celery & mayonnaise today. About 2 parts chicken to 1 part celery, and just enough mayo to stick it all together.

 Another nice filling is ham, cheese spread & tomato relish. I haven't tried it yet, but strawberries & Nutella is sounding pretty darn good too! I'm sure you could melt your favourite chocolate bar & use that too :-)
Sandwich the top back on. . . 

. . . and enjoy.

I'm not sure how far in advance you could make these. I cooked the pastry 3 days ago & still have a few left in an airtight container on the bench that seem OK. I would suggest filling them just prior to serving though.
I had planned to make a special Flemington Roses lunch for Miss M, but we're having our Kindergarten Orientation (eek!) this week. I was going to have another go at these rose sandwich roll ups, but they'll have to wait for another day.

I did however finally get around to trialling these pastry rose roll ups. I must admit I'm kind of chuffed with how they turned out.

For the record I prefer puff pastry to shortcrust, the ginger ale did leave a bit of flavour behind (and I'm not a fan, unless it's in punch), the 'thick' setting on the mandolin is too thick (stick with the thin), and I think I may have made the pastry strips too thin as the apple slices did tend to push out when rolled.

But all in all, a good first attempt I think :-)

How do you plan to celebrate the Cup?

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