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Loving the Doctors. . .

It's Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary and to celebrate I'm joining in a blog hop with some Whovian Bento Bloggers. Once you've checked out my homage to the twelve Doctors, jump in your blue box and see how Feeling a Little Lunchy is marking the occasion.

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What better way to celebrate 12 Doctors than with a 12 spot Muffin Tin Meal? One for each Doctor.

I must admit I had to ask my go-to Whovian about food references for the older Doctors and I thank BuzzFeed for the inspiration for #12. I also referred TVTropes for some finer details.
The First Doctor

In Season 1, Episode 27 the Doctor makes some hot cocoa for Cameca and accidentally becomes engaged.

I made a chocolate mousse, topped with some mini marshmallows.

The Second Doctor

#11 wasn't the first to think that bow ties are cool! It has been widely discussed how Matt Smith was inspired by # 2's apparel.

I cooked up some bow tie pasta and left it without sauce, as #2 was a 'black & white' Doctor.
The Third Doctor

#3 was the first Doctor to appear in colour and also introduced us to the Doctors' twin hearts.

I made heart roma cherry tomatoes and skewered them on two heart food picks.
The Fourth Doctor

My first Doctor - *sigh*. Regularly seen with a bag of jelly babies.

This was an easy one - a brown paper bag with some jelly babies.
The Fifth Doctor

Wore celery in his lapel. Apparently it would turn purple if exposed to certain gases which this Doctor was allergic to.

I served celery sticks with some dip.
The Sixth Doctor

Famous last words were 'Carrot juice'.

I served orange juice instead, with a few baby carrots to polish off the dip from #5
The Seventh Doctor

This incarnation of the Doctor was a bit of a funster and played the spoons quite a bit.

I had trouble deciding between making  a question mark sandwich or including the spoons. You can see which I settled on.
The Eighth Doctor

Sadly only appeared on screen once. It was New Year's Eve welcoming the millennium. He retains his taste for jelly babies, using them to distract a police officer.

I used some Little Bellies Peach Numbers (review & giveaway for these coming this week) and snuck in a few jelly babies for good measure.

The Ninth Doctor

The first of the re-boot Doctors and the beginning of me watching every episode. Season 1, Episode 10 the Doctor says to Captain Jack Harkness 'I like bananas. Bananas are good!'

What else to serve but a banana?
 The Tenth Doctor

'I don't want to go' - Oh, I still tear up thinking of David Tennant's departure.  Season 2, Episode 11 the Doctor marvels that humans bothered to invent edible ball bearings. Season 4, episode 1 presented one of the cutest little bad guys in the Adipose. I wish I had an Adipose. . .

I served yoghurt with silver cachous and some marshmallow Adipose with FooDoodler detail.
The Eleventh Doctor

It would seem that this incarnation is quite partial to a Jammy Dodger with his tea. Sorry, I just couldn't do the fish fingers and custard!

I served our version of Jammy Dodgers
The Twelfth Doctor

I am a little excited to see what sort of Doctor we're gong to be treated with next. It appears the Sonic Screwdriver is in for an update and colour change too.

This is being served to a toddler, so no vodka in our screwdriver today. Instead it is simply orange juice with a drop of red food colouring.

I think my favourite element of this meal is my Adipose yoghurt, what's yours?

Now it's time to board the Time And Relative Dimension In Space to Feeling a Little Lunchy. Keep hopping until you return here.

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