Friday, 26 July 2013

Salted Caramel Popcorn

Another treat in preparation for the weekend :-)

I love caramel and when I found this recipe over at Kambrook's blog A Perfect Pantry I knew I had to try it!

I got a little confused about the 'light corn syrup' but according to Google it is the same as (or at least you can substitute) glucose syrup, so that's what I did.

 This is really simple to whip together with only a few steps involved - and the results are too yummy!

I must admit I ended up adding more popped corn as I thought there was too much caramel (as if there ever really could be too much caramel in the world!) But when I did that I didn't sift out the un-popped kernels so ended up with a few scattered through. A very legitimate excuse to consume it all myself, don't you think?

And that is pretty close to what I did! Here's a mummy & me lunch we took out one day running quite a few errands before heading to the park for lunch. I have caramel popcorn, trail mix, nutty muesli bars and a sandwich while Miss M has biscuits, her own version of trail mix, a 'pocket' sandwich and a snack pack.

This was the last of the caramel popcorn that I snavelled to take to work, serve with roast pork & gravy sandwich. These lunches are all in Decor Quarters.

Have you entered our Kambrook Little Chefs Flutter Butter Popcorn Maker giveaway? You can find all the details in this previous post.


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