Thursday, 25 July 2013

Belated Royal Congratulations

I am slack! I was going to have this post all ready to go so when the Royal baby was born I could just hit 'publish'. Well he's born, left hospital, been named & is already off to visiting before I even start to write.

To celebrate the Royal wedding (between Will & Kate) a few years ago I hosted a mothers group high tea.

This was the spread, please forgive the photos, I never thought I'd be publishing them :-)

From top to bottom we have: Turkish delight; caramel tarts and black bean brownies; scones with jam & cream and muffins with choc-tiara tops; curried eggs and cucumber sandwiches

I didn't have a fancy stand, and those cardboard cupcake stands weren't around yet, so I had to improvise. I think my plates & bowl stack did the trick nicely.

A little closer up

I cheated & made packet mix muffins. The choc tiaras were hand piped into patty pans and frozen. Needless to say there was a knack to them and I haven't made them since. . . although I am tempted to try again

This recipe was in the better Home & Gardens magazine around about this time. I can't remember much about it apart from the black beans, me trying to be a little healthier.

I got a little creative with the icing sugar trying to create a crown, but it looks more like a birthday cake to me :-)

And of course you have to have more than one of everything, including champagne.

And all while still wearing slippers - classy! I did have on a pretty dress & hat, but the apron and slippers stayed on most of the time too :-)

A belated congratulations to the new parents!

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