Monday, 9 March 2015

Some Bunny Loves You Bento Demo

I am super excited to be holding a hands on Bento Demonstration this Wednesday (11th March) in conjunction with the Emerald Neighbourhood Centre and their Multicultural Connections group, part of the Day2Day Living Program. For more information, drop me a line, or send the lovely ladies from the Centre a message on their Facebook page here.

These are the lunches I will be teaching everyone to make!
 Egg mould and FooDoodler bunny with carrot sticks and mini salad.

Apple bunnies
Dip (for the carrot sticks) and a CuteZCute bunny bottom (inspired by BentOnBetter Lunches) with crust off cuts and FooDoodlers.
 'Rabbit food' salad with carrot flowers.

I forgot the dressing! Good thing this was a practice run, right?
Apple bunnies.

Bread crust croutons.

All served in Easy Lunchboxes.

And you know what else I forgot? Picks! Oh well. Miss M took hers to Prep last week and didn't complain. Although I did have to swap out her egg for yoghurt. Even with the yolk removed she still won't go for egg in public.

I can't wait to see what variations everyone comes up with! Keep an eye out on Instagram for updates :-)

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.


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  1. So exciting! I hope that your demo goes well. I love the bunny paw prints and tail - very cute!


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