Saturday, 14 March 2015

Pi Day of the Century

We don't really celebrate Pi-Day much here in Australia - to us today is 14.3.15, but any excuse for Pie, right?

I sent Miss M to prep with her favourite Pie - Pinkie! A little cheese art with some Pi accents. She also had an apple turnover (like a hand pie) below her 'Pie' biscuit - which was woven shortcrust pastry sprinkled with brown sugar. All the important numbers written on the container with her yoghurt. Served in Easy Lunchboxes.

A few weeks ago I made some chicken-avocado-filo parcels. . . Yum! Today's variation is wrapped in bacon!
And being Pi-Day I even attempted to weave it. Not successfully, but the thought was there. This is what I get for using short-cut I suppose :-)
Served with roast potato, sweet potato & carrot.
And stuffed with traditional Chicken Pot Pie ingredients and a little cheese.

Are you celebrating Pi Day?

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