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How To Train Your Dragon Party

Ok, I thought about splitting this post up like I've done in the past for parties, but I'm having a little trouble with time management at the moment, so it's all going into one big post! Be warned - there are *lots* of photos here.

As always I searched the inter webs for inspiration and you will find what inspired me on this Pinterest board. Like the cool Dragon Training image I used to decorate the park where we held the party. You can find it here.

Our goodie bags were home printed on brown paper lunch bags. (Using this image)
I fell in love with this Etsy item, but it was no longer available, so I made my own version by printing this image with 'Dragon Teeth' text and attaching a couple of Hershy Kisses.
No goodie bag is complete without balloons and a blow out, and we included some Toothless bubbles too for good measure. 

Miss M had a great time decorating them.

For games we played 'Feed the Dragons' after being inspired by Bug Boo & Bean

The images I took from the How To Train Your Dragon website, then 'sliced' them to enlarge before attaching to a large pillow box. The great thing about that was that 4 side were playable and all the 'fish' were caught!

Speaking of 'fish' I'm not much of a sew-er these days, so I took some plastic bags, baby socks, and rubber bands. . .

et voila - le poisson!

We also played 'Dragon Racing' which involved splitting the children into two teams, and asking some very brave mums to hold bags of marshmallow sheep. Two extra brave parents held the 'barrels' for the sheep to be collected in.

Of course the Black Sheep was worth ten points ;-)
Both teams got to eat their catch.

Again Miss M had a great time helping to prepare the Sheep.

Black chocolate melts (from Wilton) were stuck to marshmallows with a little extra black chocolate before adding the candy eyes.

And the Black Sheep got the full treatment.

One of these little guys ended up in Miss M's Lunar New Year (of the Sheep) lunch which I posted last week

We ran out of eyes at the end, but I don't think the kids minded ;-)

We also played 'Pin the Tail on Toothless', but it seems I didn't take a photo of that - meh.

Turns out I also didn't take any good photos of the food - you will have to imagine what it looks like without the fly cover for me :-)

Each of the main Dragons had the own 'dish'
Under the afoil are some chicken drumsticks 'Stormfly's Favourite'
Meatlug had some Cheeto 'Lava Balls'
Mini marshmallows were 'Toothless Teeth'
Hook Fang had corn chip 'Dragon Scales'
I made Barf & Belch heads out of green apples (similar to the kiwi fruit I made for our Monstrous Nightmare Lunch)
Drinks were Sarsaparilla 'Toothless Juice' Cordial and
Astrid's YakNog (milk)

I had to include some of Dagur's armada - Apple slices with Skrill flags.
And there are some 'Dragon Claw' potato wedges in there too.
Sour Cream, sweet chilli, tomato sauce and salsa were also floating around the place.

The fruit counts as Dragon Eggs - especially the lychees. I think they make great Gronckle eggs. And the Drgaon Fruit didn't come into the grocer until the next week, darn!

Another game/food we had was a 'Decorate your own shield' station. Round biscuits with tubes of writing icing.

God work Miss M!

Miss M asked for her cake to be like the opening credits of the TV series 'Dragons: Riders of Berk' and I had no idea how I was going to do it. I thought of attempting some edible icing sheets like I used for her My Little Pony Party last year  but wasn't game. Eventually I decided to print the image, cut to separate each dragon and sticky tape to toothpicks which I could stick into patty cake/cupcakes to act as the rocky outbreak they perch on.
Surrounded by assorted vanilla plain, or black sprayed (again Wilton) various sizes cakes

You can see some of the chocolate 'Toothless' cakes to the left, which I seem to have missed taking a photo of.

Add in some chocolate rocks and jelly beans and away we go!

Sparkler '5' and some candles for blowing out. What more could you want?

Oh - something to take to school & share with your friends?

How about some Royals (marshmallow biscuits) with a banana lolly cut in half and stuck on with chocolate? We'll call them Viking Helmets and thank Fete Accomplice for the inspiration.


Well, I suppose you need a cake for your actual birthday don't you? Instructions here.
I added some chocolate melts for spines and gave the whole vanilla sponge a spray with Wilton black. If only she liked chocolate cake! (So not my child!)

Enough? Oh good, nobody needs to know about me giggling a the punny-ness of 'Jelly Fish'. Especially when they fail :-)

Happy birthday my beautiful Dragon Girl! ROAR!!

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.


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