Friday, 14 March 2014

Cheat Chicken Pi Day Pie

 This is a semi-Flashback Friday for Pi Day. If I was organised I would have done a Fish Friday for Lent Pi, ah well! You can always check out my Tuna Dish Pie post from last year.
Last year we welcomed our second little girl 'Honey', and I've re-discovered some of my 'cheaty' recipes for dinner and wanted to share my favourite with you. What I love about this is that you can take all day to prepare if you wish, you can prepare it at lunchtime and bake at night, you can prepare the day before if you like, you can even prep & freeze if you really want to. This recipe can also be adapted to make leftovers for lunch the next day, and leftovers to freeze for popping in lunches.

Strip & shred the flesh from one BBQ/Rotisserie chicken
Add 500g bag of mixed frozen vegetables (I like peas/carrot/corn myself)
Add 1 cup of packet chicken gravy, made to the instructions (which normally involves adding boiling water & stirring)
Mix all directly in your pie dish, no need to grease it
Top with a sheet of store bought/frozen puff pastry
Brush with milk or egg-wash
Bake at 180C until puffed & golden (about 20 minutes)
Serve hot

I've made this as muffin size pies for lunch boxes, but that involved blind baking the pie base (unless you have a pie maker, in which case you can cook it all in one go)
You can break the prep after stripping and/or shredding the chicken; after mixing the ingredients; or after topping with pastry.
I've made using roast meat gravy instead of chicken and it was quite awesome!
Cost wise to buy all ingredients (including a full pack of puff pastry) costs around $AUD20 at full price and, depending on how hungry Hubby is, we will get dinner and lunches for two adults and one hungry toddler out of a batch.
My local major grocer has a 'cheap chook Tuesday' which I like to take advantage of and make that grocery day. My lunch that day consists of gnawing on the bones & licking my fingers while stripping & shredding the chicken. If I'm particularly hungry that day I'll steal half a breast for a sandwich and no-one would know the difference when you go carve the pie.
You could quite easily dice and fry your chicken, or BBQ/rotisserie/Roast your own.


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