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My Little Pony Party

Last week I told you about Miss M asking for a My Little Pony party for her birthday this year. (You can see the Rainbow Dash Rainbow Cakes I sent to Kindy in this previous post) I use the term 'party' loosely as it was Miss M & her two best friends, but to a four year old that's the world!

I of course over catered, but here's the snack-come-lunch platter I arranged for the girls along with Miss M's requested Pinkie Pie cake (because Pinkie's the best at parties) 
For Twilight Sparkle we had vegemite sandwiches cut with a star cookie cutter & decorated with gel writing icing.

 I couldn't let Spike go without representation so I flipped over some Teddy Bear biscuits, made a stencil & off we went. I tried making a stamp for the green section after being inspired by BentOnBetter Lunches but I cracked the biscuit trying to get enough colour to transfer. I ended up free handing the green with my FooDoodler. I think I got away with it :-)
While I was at it with the stencil making I did a My Little Pony icon as well. I was surprised at how much food colouring the Milk Arrowroots absorbed & it made the edges a little soft. I thought if I sprayed on the 'smooth' side it might make a difference. Needless to say I ended up using the 'rough' side.

 More spray colour for some Rarity unicorn horns - aka mini ice cream cones. I was tempted to fill these with something delicious but in the end just left them hollow. No complaints from our little party goers.
I made some Fluttershy butterfly cupcakes in a trial run but wasn't terribly happy with them so instead I made some mini cakes and iced with bi-colour pink/yellow icing before decorating with some butterfly sprinkles, just like Fluttershy's cutie mark.

 Pinkie Pie party pies were made using wonton wrappers cut into quarters. FooDoodler tracing for the pictures. I made the toppers the night before and stored in the fridge until they were needed. You can see in the collage above I did Pinkie's mane in tomato sauce once they were heated.
Rainbow Dash was represented with some rainbow jelly. I'm kind of chuffed with the way these turned out and we re-made them a week later for a Kindy gathering. Very happy with these! For the shot glass size it's 1 teaspoon per colour with the red & orange maybe 1.5tsp.

I saw these super cool cupcake wrappers (like 20% cooler) and made my own version for serving (pictured in the collage above)

 There was a bit of jelly mix leftover so. . . 

 We made some big ones too. The good thing about this size, using a tablespoon measure for each colour is that there's room for an ice cream 'cloud' on top ;-P
Each character had their own spot in the Tupperware serving tray.
Surprise, surprise the Rainbow Dash jellies were the first to go. Then the girls each chose which one to have next. I'm very proud of Miss M choosing the Applejack Apple slices (which I didn't take a separate photo of because, well, I forgot! I sliced apple fingers of a ref and a green apple & soaked them in lemonade (like 7up) while I was prepping something else.

Sadly they didn't really go for the Pinkie Pies :-( More for me though - yay!
The Pinkie Pie cake! Plain vanilla sponge iced with pink buttercream. I can't find now where I read about doing the sprinkles on the side by spraying some greaseproof paper and using that to dunk into the sprinkles before pressing onto the cake. Much cleaner than trying to roll the cake in sprinkles or pressing handfuls into the icing. Maybe not the most effective coverage, but I was happy with it for a first attempt.

 I used the same edible image sheets I did with my Fluttershy Fail cake which I shared in this previous post.
I think I did a better job at peeling the image off the backing this time around, but as you can see, it still didn't work perfectly. This is the image I traced. Thank you again to Kath's Kakes for her mentoring through this project :-)
The fairy floss I'd bought wasn't anywhere near as pink as the packet suggested it would be - poor Pinkie looks like she's turning grey! I also used some of the spray colour on a mini ice cream cone for the party hat. 
For games we made our own manes & tails using coloured wool tied around head bands and claw-grip hair clips. I printed some My Little Pony images onto tattoo paper & we each got a few. There were bubbles, balloons, party poppers and streamers as well as hopscotch and dolls and other general play-date games, but I think the most popular was when we coloured in some horns, wings and tails & played 'pin the tail/wing/horn on the alicorn'. I found this great post on Doodlecraft with everything we needed for the hands on part of the game. Then I thought it would be fun to have a Derpy mask (image source) as the blind fold. I simply printed & sticky taped it to a head band. Happy days!

I think I might have enjoyed planning this party more than Miss M enjoyed taking part in it! I had an absolute ball 'researching' and Pinning. You can see my Pinboard here. Are there any characters you've discovered through your children's' interests?

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.

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