Friday, 13 December 2013

Season's Eatings Shortbread and Baubles

The Bento Bloggers & Friends are hopping again, this time it's Christmas themed :-)

There are four hops in total, so keep an eye out for more festive fun.
My inspiration for this lunch came from the bauble shortbread I made recently. You can read all about them (and their naughty recipe) in this previous post. I only sent the chocolate with caramel filling as our daycare is nut free. All the more peanut butter shortbread for me ;-)

I used the same cutter to add some detail to Miss M's snack of Pepperoni from Walkerston Country Meats cheese & crackers.
'Something Else' for today is meatballs with pasta, tomato sauce & cheese stars. The meatballs are from my freezer stash of store bought goodies. Perfect for when dinner goes down better than expected, like tonight.
These sandwich 'bau-balls'  are filled with ham & cheese. I made these using the 'cling-film technique' (check out this great tutorial) but I think I need more practice to round them out a little better. That and I used squares of bread.
After flattening the bread, I stamped them with the cookie stamp used for the shortbread. A few I also stamped with the back of a star cutter. Colour details added with FooDoodlers
Fruit for today was grapes with watermelon 'bau-balls'. I also sent a Sinchies food pouch with yoghurt

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