Thursday, 5 December 2013

Little Bellies Reindeer

I've saved my favourite Little Bellies lunch for last. Well, it's not lunch really, but the treat that goes with it.

They've started doing Christmas activities at daycare so Miss M came home one day saying 'Mummy, you haven't made me a Christmas lunch.'
I'm sure you've seen this idea on Pinterest. I think I first saw it at Gloria Jeans. Mine didn't turn out anywhere near as refined, but Miss M got the idea. I thought they looked more like little elves but ran out of time to experiment too much. Made from Little Bellies Mini Gingerbread Men.
I was originally only going to send a couple. . .
. . . but then I decided to send a few more. 
And of course I had to send a reindeer sandwich too. Cut with a heart cookie cutter, details of sultanas and craisin with crusts for antlers.


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