Friday, 13 December 2013

Naughty Baileys

NN 2013 Baileys Desc

Loving Lunches and The Kids Menu have teamed up to give your classic Christmas recipes a Naughty or Nice makeover.  We have a new Naughty and Nice recipe for each day of the week - So whether you're Naughty or Nice this Christmas, we've got recipes for you!

 I don't know what it is about that Christmas that reminds me of Dad's Baileys Irish Cream recipe, but it just seems to be part of the season. And today is Friday, so here's a recipe for the grown ups :-)

I won't disclose the full original recipe publicly, if you'd like the details, please drop me a line. Suffice to say it  combines raw eggs, cream, condensed milk, chocolate topping,coconut essence and a fair whack of whisky. Serve on ice or with milk. 

I semi-struggled with how to make Dad's Baileys naughtier, when I remembered this recipe for Whisky and Chocolate Crunch I found a few years ago, and after making it a couple times, I realised they were of the same spirit shall we say (pun mildly intended).

And so Baileys Ice Cream was born

Beat 300ml cream with a tin of condensed milk

I think I over did mine a little and it started to split. Perhaps beating these separately and then combining would be better.

Crumb a packet of Tim Tams

And fold that in.

Set your slaves assistants to crushing around 200g of Crunchie bars

Being careful not to split the packets. That's a mess you don't want to clean up :-0

Almost forgot our 1 TBsp chocolate topping.

There's the Crunchies

Add around a cup of desiccated coconut

Now the Whisky content is purely up to you. I found freezing really brings out the whisky flavour, so I stuck with 2 TBsp this time around. Feel free to add more, or less, or replace with whisky essence (I'm sure such a thing exists, right?)

Pour into a freezer container

Freeze for 1 hour and beat again

Actually, you can continue to freeze & beat in 1 hour cycles until you're happy with the consistency. I like to do that 4-ish times.

I like that this version came out so well mixed, although next time I might try having the cream/condensed milk ice cream almost set before folding through the flavours so it's more of a textural adventure

You can enjoy as is, or top with a little somthn' somthn'. You'll have to come back tomorrow though to see what that is ;-D Happy Friday, and congratulations to all those parents who have made it through another school year!

Now hop on over to The Kids Menu to see the Nice Version, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for more Naughty-ness

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