Friday, 20 December 2013

Santa Claus is Hopping to Lunch

Santa Clause is coming to lunch with the Bento Bloggers & Friends with our last Christmas hop for the year.

I wanted to show you that you don't need a specific Santa cutter to create some cute Santas. Most of these ideas have come from Pinterest crafters, rather than foodies. (Although I must admit the crown beard was my desperate attempt at not having to dig through my cutters to find the hand `-^)
I'm sure you've seen Santa made from a hand print before.

 I used my pocket sandwich cutter as a quickie de-cruster and a hand cookie cutter. Using a slice of white and a  slice of multigrain bread meant I could get some definition between the background and my feature :-)
Santa's hat and mouth are made from fruit leather (Roll-Ups) while his eyes and hat trim are made from cheese stick. Pupils are black sesame seeds. The rest of the chess stick got added to the lunch with this cute little food ring (Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page)

 Again there's a hundred versions of Santa made from a heart. 
After a quick de-crust I cut out a heart with my cookie cutter, flipped over the pieces  and pressed with the up-turned pocket piece (the pink part of the pocket sandwich cutter) This left a misaligned 'beard' for Santa. Details added with ham and cheese cut with my create-a-shape. 

 I'd promised Miss M a Santa sandwich and couldn't find my heart cutter one night but I did find my crown cutter.
So some ham & cheese, a large circle cutter and my create-a-shape came to the rescue.

 Again, using a star to create a Santa figure isn't anything new.
This little guy was made on toast after Miss M decided she wasn't as hungry as she originally thought. So I cut up her jammed toast, added some peanut butter & Nutella and ate that little baby myself!

 I must admit he was quite tasty.
I did make her a star Santa too. This one has jam, butter, vegemite and coloured sugar balls/cachous seeing as daycare is nut free. One great thing about this one is it can easily be thrown together in the morning rush, which I found out having realised I didn't make her lunch the night before. If I had made this the night before I would have found a way to use more of the bread, probably with lots of little star cut outs :-)

Now 'hop' on Santa's Sleigh (by clicking the button below) to see what Keitha's Chaos has cooked up.

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.

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  1. I LOVE these ideas! Especially the crown beard!

  2. Love your creative use of cookie cutters!

  3. What's up creative lady??!! Using the crown for a bear?! Genius!

  4. I actually had not seen Santa made from any of those shapes before, very clever!


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