Saturday, 4 April 2015

Huge Easter Round Up

I've been a little slack posting Easter offerings this year so here's a giant round up of the lunches Miss M has been taking. This first one though was for Honey -her first official Bento Box! This is what I packed for her to graze on while we were at our local Playgroup open day and markets.

Cheese and sultanas, cucumber checkerboard, moulded egg on lettuce, sandwich hearts, celery with peanut butter and sultanas (ants on a log).

Gingerbread man repurposed as a bunny. 

Sides of grapes and salami & cheese, crackers not shown.

Yoghurt pouch beneath the sandwich.

Simple and quick cookie cutter imprint.

Add a few picks to make it super cute.

Easter Egg apple. I got this idea from the Little Bento World Customers group :-)

Practice run of my display lunch for the markets.

Upside-down CuteZCute with bread off cuts for ears.

Grapes and blueberries with a cute little pick.

Gotta love some Bunny Butts!

My new Rabbit vegetable cutter arrived so I had to try it out straight away :-)

Nestled it into some watermelon.

A simple FooDoodler egg

This was the display lunch I ended up making for the Playgroup markets - cute don't you think? I added some bunny picks in the morning after I realised I hadn't already done so :-/

Super quick cheese art. Out of the blue Miss M asked to watch Kung Fu Panda again, so I made her a  Child Rabbit :-)

And another gingerbread man-bunny.

Wishing you and yours a Happy and Safe Easter!

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.


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