Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Easter April Fools Lunch

I'm having a little fun with Miss M's lunch for April Fools' Day today :-)

A few years ago I made sandwich balls and sent them for lunch inside plastic Easter Eggs. You can read all about it in this previous post. This year I made them a little differently and there's much more room in the eggs now.

And cheese shaped in silicon moulds. I must admit I'm so much happier with this batch than the first lot I ever made (in this previous post). Vaguely following the instructions form Hungry Happenings I melted some grated Colby cheese in the microwave before smooshing it into the silicon moulds. Set in the fridge and then they're good to go. They taste pretty much the same as regular cheese but the texture is a bit more powdery. . . not sure if it's something I did, or if it just works that way.

I did think if I was clever I could colour the cheese with regular food colouring before moulding it, but then forgot all about it! So out with the FooDoodlers for a little Egg-stra Easter fun.

For sides there's more eggs!

Well, it *is* April Fools' Day. Grapes are a healthier choice after all. And the chocolates that came in them? Well, what Missy doesn't know won't hurt her, right?

That egg? No, it's not an egg either! I've wanted to bake cake in egg shells ever since I first saw the idea years ago. I thought it was over at Not Martha, but now I can't find the original I was thinking of.

They were really quite simple - I used my Kambrook Soup Simple to mix the batter in one easy step. I like how this particular mix is a bit denser when made this way.

Then baked some (cleaned) egg shells with the rest of my mini-muffin batch.

Oh - and the extra batter became Easter gifts for those who prefer a break from chocolate ;-)

Yes! Back to lunch! This is Miss M's brain break along with a few rice crackers. I must admit I'm expecting a little of this lunch to come home. Not because she won't like it, but because now I remember there's fundraising pizza at school today.

Did you play the Fool today?

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