Monday, 13 April 2015

BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Don't you just love a cheat dinner? Especially one that can be repurposed into lunches! I must admit I haven't sen this for Miss M for a while. It seems every time I increase the recipe our appetite increases too ;-)

As with most dishes there are more ways than one to achieve the result. This batch was made by simply laying some drumsticks on a lightly sprayed, lined tray and brushing with plain old BBQ sauce.

Baked at 180 degrees for 40 minutes, turning half way. These were a little overdone, but I enjoyed the extra smoke in the flavour.

Another of my favourite techniques is to marinate in a freezer bag.
Simply toss in your ingredients - this time I added some powdered garlic, paprika, mixed herbs and worcestershire sauce.

You can cook tonight, or freeze for later. I find this a great one to batch up. One bag for today, another bag for later.

When you are ready, bake away! You can roast them like the previous batch, giving you the extra texture hit. . .
Or cover and bake in a dish. This method will give you a moister end result and preserve that lovely sauce. Perfect for drizzling over roasted vegetables or rice. Both of which are great accompaniments to this dish.
From dinner plate. . .

. . . to lunchbox.

A little frozen mac & cheese complete this lunch.

And some corn with extra sauce in the dip container for this one.

What's one of your favourite easy-meals?

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