Monday, 23 February 2015

Toothless Lunch

If you've been following on Instagram you may have noticed Miss M has discovered How To Train Your Dragon. While I'm holding off showing her the second movie for as long as possible, she is thoroughly enjoying the TV series (Dragons: Defenders of Berk), and I do believe that, today at least, Toothless is her favourite.

I made this cute little plum Toothless by adding a bat food pick, carving a smile and using some raw spaghetti to hold some halved & FooDoodler'ed grapes in place.
I used the offcuts from the smile to make a tongue, although you can't really see it :-)
And there he is, nestled amongst some grape 'dragon eggs'.
I was kind of glad that my cheese art smudged a little. It makes it look more 'authentic', don't you think?
For afternoon tea Miss M had some biscuits, rainbow carrot and some dip.
I jazzed up some cheese to go with her brain break of pepperoni, cheese & crackers. Not the prettiest of things, but she got the idea ;-D

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  1. So clever! Love it! I made a How to Train Your Dragon dinner last year. The plums would have been perfect.


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