Friday, 13 February 2015

January on Instagram

Nothing too theme-y this Friday the 13th for you. I've been too busy organising Miss M's birthday - how time flies! Instead, here's a flashback to what you may have missed on Instagram last month. 
Loving buying cupcake liners just for the picks that go with them… #bentoproblems Loving a tough decision… fresh ANZAC biscuits or fresh passionfruit muffins with a cuppa…hmmmm 👀 Loving bake day… vanilla slice, blueberry muffins, ANZAC biscuits and passionfruit muffins. Just cheesecake to go! 😳 Loving breakfast 3 ways… pancakes with mango, maple syrup & cream for me with variations for the girls 😃 Loving 'help' unpacking my @kikkik_loves parcel… #squee Loving some yummy treats at @highlandhomewares this morning… Loving a protein overload for brunch today… Loving that the Grocery Gods have smiled on me today… the *one* bag I drop had the eggs 😣 But we only really lost 1 egg. Quiche for lunch anyone? Loving visitors… Miss M found this little guy in the back yard 🐌 Loving mail… thank you @stuffmumslike & @smashenterprises for my #nudefoodmovement prize! Just in time for school!  #lovewinning Loving a productive afternoon… book covering- ☑️ Loving an experiment in our @kambrookau #quatromulticooker  today… are you planning anything for #AustraliaDay ? Loving #reinvention… what to do with the yolks and ANZAC dough leftover from today's cooking adventure? #icecream of course! Not as good as the @peteevanschef #HomerHudson 'Digger' from years ago, but it will do. Perfect for #AustraliaDay 😊🐨:i Loving a little flag in our mini-muffin tin this morning… #AustraliaDay Loving an experiment… caramel #breakfasttwists icing Loving success… #breakfasttwists caramel icing goes perfectly with @organised_house weet-bix muffins 😍 Loving a little #AustraliaDay packed in Miss M's snack box for tomorrow's brain break… Loving packing our first school lunch for the year… I couldn't help but go with an #AustraliaDay theme 😃🐨. With @cutezcute @smashenterprises #nudefoodmovers @kambrookau #FlutterButterPopcornMaker Loving a grown up lunch… @kambrookau #soupsimple GoGo juice with tomato & guac on crisp bread. How's your first day of school going? 😳😭
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