Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Teddy Bears Picnic Party - Part 2, Sweet

Earlier this week I shared the savoury snacks from Honey's first birthday party.  Welcome to part two of the series where you can see some of the sweet treats that were on offer.
Last week I shared my practice run for these cute little teddy bear paw cakes.

I stuck with crown biscuits and Maltesers for the large paw and choc melts with choc drops for the small paws. The bear muffin cases I picked up from the local $2 shop.
I had some cute bumble bee muffin cases in my silicon stash, too. Using a small sauce dispenser I drew some Nutella lines onto the cake batter before baking.

I think they turned out quite cute, don't you?
I also added the decorations while the cakes were still warm and fresh from the oven, meaning I didn't have to add icing, cutting down on sugar which is always a good thing when there are little ones involved.
Teddy Bear Picnic
I was also rather happy with these little Milk Arrowroot bumble bees. Held together with a smear of butter and then decorated with butter and Nutella or Vegemite. Served in flower muffin cases.
But I think my favourite sweet treats from the day were these gorgeous little Bumble Bee Chocolates. I can't claim them completely, they were inspired by this cake.

I did try using a FooDoodler but found a little melted milk chocolate worked better. Using a ziplock bag with the corner snipped I piped on the detail.
A few times. . .

Quite a few times. . .

And then added mini marshmallows that had been slightly squooshed (being the technical term) into wing shapes.
It was a warm day and I was impatient, which worked well as the marshmallows stuck nicely to the chocolate lines.
Special thanks go to Cousin B and Miss M who helped immensely with these beauties.
Lots of beauties.
A bevy of beautiful bumbly bees!

If you'd like to see the savoury selection, check out this previous post.

And when the times comes, this link will take you to the cake and favour post from this series.

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.


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