Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Market Stall Lunches

 I was very excite to hold my first market stall in December 2014, selling some Bento goodies. If you are in the Emerald, QLD area and would like some more information, please drop me a line: LovingLunches at gmail dot com  :-)

This is the 'display' lunch I made. As it was on display for a few hours with the lid open and many flies appreciating the work it wasn't consumed, but it did look appetising!

The sandwich was actually just the crust with a CuteZCute cute out turned over. I added a few 'pig noses' for the tentacles with the centre circles being made from the crusts. The off cut circles became 'bubbles'. Eye picks and a pig-ear cut out, again from crust complete the look. I've been wanting to make a CuteZCute Octopus ever since I saw this adorable post. What do you think? Did I do the original justice?
Some more cute eye picks and some FooDoodlers turned a couple of cheerios into Octo-dogs which are always a winner for us.
And our fish egg mould egg had a swim in some lettuce 'kelp'. A couple of the circle bread off cuts from the sandwich  acted as bubbles and a little colour added with FooDoodlers.
Then this was my actual nibble-all-day-long lunch. A couple of store bought finger laminations, some Tic Tacs, and a whole heap of local grapes. All served in Easy Lunch Boxes.

I had such a wonderful time meeting so many lovely locals and sharing the Bento love with my community. I look forward to lots more Bento action in town, stay tuned!

If you would like to sign up for our Loving Lunches Locals email, you can do so via this link. I intend to keep the blog more focused on food rather than sales ;-)

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.


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