Monday, 26 January 2015

ANZAC Ice Cream

Happy Australia Day! I was planning a special Australia Day Bento to post, but will pack it for Miss M's first day of prep tomorrow - how the time flies! Then I was going to post the ANZAC Pavlova I made, but think I want to finesse the recipe some more. So instead here's some ANZAC ice cream!
(NB this is not an original idea! I first tried this flavour combination in Homer Hudson 'Digger', designed by Pete Evans from memory. Sadly it seems this company is no longer with us)

Recipe modified from Stem Ginger Ice Cream in this book.
Heat 1 Tbsp honey in 150mL water, stirring until honey is dissolved. Set aside to cool.
Gently whisk 2 egg yolks until pale & frothy, then slowly add the honey mixture.
Fold in 600mL of lightly whipped cream.
Pour into a suitabe container & freeze until the edges of the ice cream start to. . .  well, freeze. Around 45 minutes.
Whisk again. You can either freeze & whisk one more time, or at this stage add your ANZAC dough (recipe in this previous post, you just want the dough, not the cooked biscuit). The amount of dough required varies by taste. I added quite a bit, then just tossed in the rest of the batch for good measure ;-)

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