Monday, 5 May 2014

May the Faust Be With You

This *is* the Bento you're looking for. . . but if it's not, you can see where the Force leads you by clicking the Bento Bloggers & Friends Blog Hop button at the end of this post for more Star Wars fun.

My inspiration was a little lack lustre this year for May the Fourth. I haven't introduced Miss M to the Force as yet, we're happy to let her enjoy ABC4Kids a little longer. I do know that she would ask for a My Little Pony lunch at any given opportunity, so. . . make one I will!

I instantly knew I wanted to do Luna/Nightmare Moon. Miss M loves her, although I don't think she quite understands the transformation. And of course when you're thinking celestial bodies & Star Wars you can't really go past the Death Star. Of course the Mare in the Moon could be seen in the Death Star, couldn't she? A printout, some tape & a little Vegemite seem to think so. That's our yoghurt snack pod transformed.

One of my favourite images from the Star Wars sagas is that of Anakin casting a Darth Vader shadow. And as luck would have it, some clever artist was tuned in to my Force and already created this stunning piece. All I had to do was cut some nori & do some FooDoodling.

On a side note I invested in a Nude Food Movers Ice Melt bottle to go with our new smaller lunch box. So far so good, I'll keep you posted :-) As much as I'd love to say it's filled with 'Darth Malt' it's more like 'Jedi Juice'

Last but not least, for today's snack I included an apple. As far as I'm aware all Ponies like apples, no matter which side of the Horse Force they are on. I used some mini cutters and FooDoodlers to add some details to it.

I couldn't resist adding a Darth Vader food ring to the mix :-)

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  1. Such a clever and creative way to have the theme fit your family!

  2. Very creative! Lovely!

  3. This is a cute and clever take on Star Wars!

  4. This is such a fun post & lunch! I love the angle you took!


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