Monday, 5 May 2014

Gym Snack Boxes

I've bitten the bullet and joined a gym! I've been going for a few weeks now and although I've pretty well stuck to the treadmill I must admit I'm enjoying walking without melting (central Queensland will do that to you). The girls seem to be enjoying their time in the child minding room too. Here's some of the snack boxes they took along one day.

Honey had grapes in a square silicon muffin liner and Little Bellies peach number cereal. All in a little Decor container I think we picked up from Howard's Storage World, but I can't be sure now.

Miss M had some grapes in a  Decor mini container, again from Howards I think. I'm kind of chuffed I discovered it fits in her My Little Pony sandwich box. Great as a separator. She also asked for some My Little Pony biscuits, fruit string and a roll up. She'd already eaten before we went so I had no issues packing those, knowing half of it would come back untouched :-)

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