Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Elsa Dash is 20% Cooler

Winter came overnight for us I'm sure! One day we're wearing singlets and shorts, the next we're looking for beanies, gloves & toasty flannel sheets. I was talking with Miss M about the change in weather and wondering if Elsa from Frozen was behind it all. I was promptly corrected. 'Elsa lives in Erindale, mum!'
 In my head I started wondering about the change the seasons, and how much of a cool change had really come through. About 10 degrees drop it was. My internal conversation went 'Gee, that's cooler!' 'How much cooler?' 'Well, it needs to be about 20% cooler'
Thanks to endless repetition of My Little Pony mixed with minor sleep deprivation I had quite the giggle to myself. Even though Miss M (who insisted on having a photo taken with her lunch) won't quite understand the cross-over, I made it anyway :-)

In our Nude Food Movers we have:
 Chopped pear held together with a lunchbox strap from Daiso and a winter food pick

 Yoghurt with rockmelon and a snowflake food pick

Juice below our ham & cheese sandwich, which was topped with this cheese art. Decorated with FooDoodlers. I decided to leave it in the wrapper as I wasn't sure how it would go in transit out of the smaller Tupperware container I would normally use.

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.

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